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Manali is called to be most splendid places to tour. Have you ever thought of touring this most picturesque place in India? Kings Holiday Tour has brought this amazing tour planning with the years’ experience of handling and managing any tour you want.  We are the finest tour operator to our guest offering variety of natural tour programs in India. The divine beauty of this place has something special in it. There are amazing beautiful valleys that make your tour filled with memorable experience within the astonishing trip we assemble for you. Try our Manali Shimla Package having all the facilities you expect. Theserenity and beauty there is waiting for you. Enjoy the exciting experience relaxing in the natural bliss with amalgamating facilities in your hand. This package has some special things to offer. The catchy hotels, lodging traveling all concludes this fantastic package.

The way in which people travel and enjoy their holidays has changed considerably over the past several years. Today, people do not shy away from booking tour packages to their preferred destinations with a reliable tour operator to enjoy a stress free and comfortable trip. We at Kings Holiday Tours offer you the best deals for tour packages to multiple destinations in North India based on your needs and expectations.

We have an extensive expertise in planning tour packages that enable you to get the most out of your trip even if it lasts only for a couple of days. At Kings Holiday Tour, our focus in primarily on ensuring your maximum comfort and satisfaction both in terms of the hospitality you receive and the places you visit as a part of the package.  We not only offer the best in class transportation facilities but also arrange for the most cozy accommodation and healthy meals.

We are a completely client oriented company and hence do not shy away from offering customized packages to meet your special requirements. Our objective at Kings Holiday Tours is to offer the best quality services at the most affordable prices to make your trip truly stress free and memorable.